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Peppercanister Gallery provides a confidential Art Valuation Service for Insurance, Probate and Division of Property.  Insurance Valuations  The value of an artwork can change over time, making it essential to have an up to date professional valuation of your collection. Indeed, in some cases an out of date valuation may even void your insurance policy. Should your collection have increased in value your artworks may not be adequately covered. Equally, you may want to avoid overpaying to insure works that may have decreased in value. In addition to providing Insurance Valuations, we can also advise loss adjusters on quantifying loss or damage resulting from flooding, fire or theft. 

Division of Property and Probate Valuations

We are happy to work with the Executors, Solicitors and Trustees of an Estate to provide valuations necessary to the granting of probate. We can also provide valuations to assist in the division of property in matters such as legal separation and divorce. 

Valuation Report

Our valuation report can be presented either as hard copy document, or pdf file to suit your requirements. Additional information such as provenance, acquisition value, and photographic inventory can also be provided on request.  In undertaking a valuation, unless specifically tasked with an authentication, the artwork is presumed to be as presented. To ensure that the value of your items reflect current market conditions, we can contact you at regular intervals to arrange the necessary reappraisals.