A Rageless Bull In A Minimalist World - Sophie Gorman reviews Liam Belton in The Irish Independent


With the titular Marlix Bull dominating this surreal landscape of sharply defined images, this oil painting is instantly identifiable as the work of Dublin artist Liam Belton. This proud Taurus was originally of Persian extraction from the ancient world, although it was more red in colour then, because it was made from terracotta. It stands like a defiant sentry among familiar Belton objects -- ceramic bowls and eggs -- and through the two doorways, you can glimpse fragments of two of his abstract paintings.

Belton has gained an international reputation for his paintings that are notable for their clarity and meticulous attention to detail. He peppers his minimalist backdrops with realistic depictions of familiar objects -- eggs are something of a signature touch -- alongside the exotic, imbuing them all with a sense of complete stillness and detachment, as if the empty space is as important as the filled.

A broad selection of recent work features in a major solo exhibition currently showing at the Peppercanister Gallery (, consisting of 12 large still-life paintings and also 28 abstract oil works on paper --a relatively new departure for Belton.