James Gibbons Writes About Collete Murphy Opening in The Irish Times


THE SOCIAL NETWORK: The Peppercanister Gallery on Herbert Street was full of Murphys on Thursday evening for the opening of Colette Murphy’s exhibition, A Space In Time. Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “roll it there, Colette”, the artist told me that she rolled the canvases up and brought them to Ireland in ski bags from New York. She then set about stretching and mounting them for her first exhibition in Dublin.

Murphy was born in New Ross but emigrated to New York at an early age. Michael Murphy, Colette’s father, is a first cousin of a former chairman of the Arts Council, Patrick Murphy, whose wife Antoinette and son Bryan run the gallery.

Meeting and greeting relatives was all a bit much for Colette’s 11-year-old daughter Tyger Lily Gaynon, who decided to have a pizza just outside the gallery with her cousin Rosa Vizcaya, who is two.

Carey Clarke opened the exhibition and said Murphy’s paintings were “seductive”.

Her exhibition includes images of sailing ships and floating icebergs which were serendipitous, according to Clarke, since we are celebrating the centenary of Titanic.

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