Aidan Dunne reviews Robert Janz in The Irish Times

After a long absence, Robert Janz returns to exhibit once more in Dublin. Belfast-born Janz has been based in the United States and elsewhere, and latterly he completed a residency at IMMA and has worked in Belfast. The idea of impermanence is at the heart of his work, which takes several, often transient forms, including sequential drawings and paintings of flowers blooming and fading, films, sculptures and performance interventions. "I was inspired", he writes, "by the Zen notion that the life of a flower is a compact summary of mortality." The Garden Gate is the entrance to a sanctuary and hence the border between two worlds. The other group of works in this show, Narrow Road, encompass wider swathes of landscape, but in an equally dynamic fashion. Inspired by Japanese artists like Sesshu Toyo, whose scroll paintings encompass a whole year's passing, Janz makes fluid, overlapping images that aim to convey "a drifting shifting sense of passage, of tempo, of travel: a time awareness". The show also includes some of his beautiful, delicate twig sculptures of caribou.