Gavin O'Curry

b. 1969, London, UK

Born in London, Gavin O’Curry graduated from the Winchester School of Art in 1992 with a degree in sculpture. He began to utilize paint as a medium in 2001.

Now living in Dublin, O’Curry paints using primarily black and white. Inspired by popular music and modern literature he refers to photographs taken from culture, the media and everyday urban scenes taken from his own, casual collection. Interested by the gap between reproduced images and the physicality of painting, O’Curry uses paint to recreates images that connect both the familiar and the abstract. The resulting works depict certain snapshots in time, like a clipping from a film reel. They are mysterious but their familiarity is engaging. O’Curry is known for exhibiting his sculpture and painted works alongside each other, allowing the minimalistic sculptural forms and figurative images to co-exist together.

In 2009 O’Curry exhibited at the Goethe-Institut, Dublin, with his show The Lost American / Crying in the Chapel. Here he used music and melancholy to allude to a sadness in the heart of the American dream. The painting Crucifixion depicts a semi-blurred, bare-chested Elvis with his arms outstretched, tipping the edge of the canvas. Taken from an early record cover, the work illustrates an icon at the pinnacle of his success whilst alluding to the tragedy to come.

Having exhibited extensively in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe, O’Curry had his first solo show with the Peppercanister in July of 2012, exhibiting a variety of his recent works. He has also shown extensively with the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, the Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin and at the Dublin Contemporary in 2011.