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Our bespoke, hand-finished framing service uses only the highest quality materials, to ensure that your treasured artworks are complimented by our beautiful, conservation standard frames.

With a huge range of carefully selected frames and mounting styles to choose from, we can accommodate all styles of painting from the traditional to the avant garde. We can also provide a range of specialty and museum glasses, offering your artworks maximum protection from environmental factors.

Each of our frames is custom made to suit the individual artwork, and to ensure you get the perfect result we offer a large choice of wood and metal frames, with finishes including natural wood stains, coloured washes and waxes, gold and silver leaf; and coloured lacquers (available in various levels of sheen, shellacs and polishes).

Types of Glass

Depending on your budget and taste, we offer a range of glasses including affordable options like Regular 2mm Glass and Diffused Non-Reflective Glass, and Specialist and Museum Glasses like Claryl (a moderately priced non reflective glass), Tru Vue (a museum standard non-reflective and UV protected glass), and Shott Mirogard (a top quality, extremely clear and fully protected, non-reflective museum standard glass). We also offer a clear, non-reflective and scratch resistant Museum Perspex for use in Perspex Box Frames.

Types of Frames

All of our frames are custom made to perfectly compliment your artwork and create a luxurious, finest quality finish. We use acid free mounts and professional installation methods to assure the safety and longevity of your artworks.

Box Frames

A very contemporary way of framing artwork, Box Frames can be made using most kinds of moulding to create a unique and stylish finish. This style of frame keeps the glass away from the surface of the artwork by utilizing a spacer (also called a fillett), which is placed between the glass and the work.

Tray Frames and Floater Frames

A popular way to frame works on canvas, Tray Frames set the canvas within the frame, leaving a visible gap of 10 to 15mm between the frame and the edge of the canvas. Similar frames, but with a larger gap (usually around 100mm) are known as Floater Frames. Tray frames can be made from most types of moulding to suit the artwork and your taste.

Window Mounted Frames

A traditional and luxurious way of mounting artworks and works on paper, our Window Mounted Frames utilize extra thick mountboard and your choice of moulding to give a museum quality finish to your artwork. This style of framing can be adapted to suit both traditional and contemporary artworks.

Perspex Box Frames

Cutting edge and uncompromisingly stylish, our Perspex Box Frames offer a modern alternative to traditional framing styles. Made from specialty non-reflective and scratch resistant Museum Perspex, they can be created with either folded or glued edges for an eye catching way to display your artwork.

Hand Finished Frames

Luxurious and bespoke, our Hand Finished Frames are made to your requirements to achieve a unique, truly exclusive finish. We use the finest traditional Italian chalk gesso and coloured clay boles overlaid with a stylish selection of colours, or precious metals including gold and silver leaf; white, green and red gold; and platinum, to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship. Choose from a wide range of finishes including beautiful natural wood stains; coloured lacquers with a selection of sheen levels, shellacs and polishes; or coloured washes and waxes on your choice of profile, to create a frame that is as special as your artwork.

Wood Frames

Sophisticated, elegant and hard wearing, our Wood Frames provide a beautiful compliment to any work of art. Choose from a range of profile depths and finishes including Ash Wood, Maple wood, Steamed Beech, American Black Walnut, Oak Wood, Popular or Tulip Wood.

Metal Frames

 Available in brushed or polished aluminium, with a choice of colours and profile depths, our Metal Frames make a striking compliment to contemporary artworks.  Used in conjunction with a mount, or box framed using special spacers or filletts, they make a contemporary and stylish statement.

Photography, Digital Art, and Gicleé Print Frames

With a huge variety of papers and finishes such as matt, semi gloss, and gloss pearl, great care must be taken when framing photographic work, digital art, and Gicleé Prints. Whether you choose a Window Mount Frame, Float Mount Frame, Box Frame, or Cold Mounting to Di-bond, Foamex, or Perspex, our Photographic Framing Service will ensure that your artwork looks its very best.

Float Mount Frames

A contemporary and stylish way to display photographs and works on paper, Float Mounting allows you to display the right to the paper edge with no loss of image. The artwork is "laid on" and attached directly to the moutboard, preventing the paper from cockling and giving a pleasing, modern effect. Should you wish to create a slight shadow beneath the artwork, a Raise And Float Mount can be used to achieve the desired effect.

Cold Mounting

Cold mounting bonds an image on paper onto a flat surface or substrate like Di-bond, Foamcor or Perspex, giving a clean, strikingly contemporary effect. It is particularly useful for digital photographs which are sensitive to heat. The process involves a double sided transfer tape rolled onto the reverse surface of the image and then the image is adhered to the substrate. The transfer material is acid free but is permanent and not reversable.