Sonja Landweer & Jennifer Hickey

7 - 30 Oct 2010

Peppercanister Gallery presents a Sculpture Show by two artists at the opposite end of their careers, both exploring sculpture in different mediums. Sonja Landweer, an internationally celebrated artist, originally from Amsterdam, has for decades explored and developed new techniques in ceramic making and bronze patination. Her interest in the natural world has informed much of her work and her dark, subtle, organic seed and plant forms echo elements that can be found in nature. In contrast Jennifer Hickey uses light to infuse her work of porcelain and tulle, central to her work are themes of fragility, weightlessness, translucency, rhythm and movement. For 50 years Landweer has exhibited widely and is represented in major public and private art collections from Kyoto to Amsterdam. The Ulster Museum has featured her prominently in the Permanent Collection, since her exhibitions at the Hendriks Gallery in Dublin in the 1960’s and 70’s. In her debut show, Hickey shows skill and imagination and the work of both artists promises for an interesting discourse.