10th Anniversary Show

14 - 23 Jan 2010

Peppercanister Gallery celebrates its 10th anniversary with an Artist’s Choice Show. 15 Gallery Artists have selected another invited artist to show alongside, making for what promises to be an exciting and thought provoking exhibition.

Artists include:

Liam Belton & Bill Whelan

Breon O’Casey & Michael O’Donnell

Albert Irvin  & Alan Davie

Deirdre McLoughlin & Rachel Parry

Neil Shawcross & Stuart Oxley

Graham Gingles & Andrew Stahl

Sonja Landweer & Hilary Orpen

Anne Donnelly & Camille Souter

Sarah Longley & Gina Ward

Joseph O’Connor & Eddie Mooney

Rosie McGurran & Gavin Lavelle

Ann Griffin-Bernstorff & Michael Quane

Robert Janz & Valentin Rothmaler

Jacinta Feeney & Basil Blackshaw

Ruth McHugh & Katharine West