Sarah & Michael Longley

Passing Places - New Work from the Highlands

18 April - 4 May 2013

Sarah Longley is a native of Belfast but has recently relocated to Kirkton in the North-West Highlands, close to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. As a painter, Longley favours a range of subject matters including the human figure (both her own and that of friends and family), intimate domestic interiors, still lifes of flowers or fabrics and outdoor scenes. Her artwork customarily reflects her surroundings in a personal way.

Longley’s recent move to the Scottish Highlands has provided her with ample inspiration. She enjoys capturing the ever changing world outside by working outdoors, noting that it energizes her work. Whether it’s a garden view or a remote landscape stretching to the horizon, Longley uses the outdoors as a means of exploring form and colour as well as capturing the changing seasons.

This exhibition at Peppercanister Gallery will include Longley’s most recent body of work, painted in her new habitat and while she was pregnant with her second child. She will be joined in exhibiting by her father, internationally distinguished poet, Michael Longley, who has composed a number of poems inspired by visits to the places captured in his daughter’s paintings.
Painting and poetry enjoy a close relationship, a relationship that is based on expression and feeling. On display, side-by-side, will be images of life and place providing incredible insight into the creative ability of this talented artistic family.

Michael Longley will perform a reading of his works on the night.
The exhibition will be formally opened by artist Colin Davidson PRUA.