Robert Janz

15 Aug - 14 Sept 2007

The Peppercanister Gallery is delighted to announce the second solo exhibition of new works by Belfast born painter Robert Janz. A member of the international Fluxus movement in the 60’s and 70’s his concerns continue to be aspects of mortality and, increasingly, the acute danger to the universe of global warming. His previous exhibition at the gallery showed his vivid trademark lyrical depictions of tulips and roses in various stages of growth and decay. More of these metaphorical paintings are embraced in this exhibition, with juxtapositions of geometrical elements inspired by the poetry of Japanese mystic Basho. He will also include some more abstracted landscapes and small painted sculptures of caribou, wolves and polar bears whose very existence is now seriously threatened by the relentless melting of the arctic ice caps.

Robert Janz is one of Ireland’s most celebrated living artists, with an international reputation stretching from Los Angeles to New York, London, Madrid and Dublin. He showed many years ago with the Oliver Dowling Gallery in Dublin and had a memorable mid-career retrospective afterwards at the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Trinity College. More recently, he returned to Ireland for a studio residence at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. He divides his time between studios in Dublin, Belfast, Barcelona and New York. He lives frugally and enjoys travel to remote regions.