Neil Shawcross

8 - 23 April 2008

Neil Shawcross will present his fourth solo exhibition at the Peppercanister Gallery in April 2008. Shawcross’ practise is dominated by portraiture and still life and this exhibition will feature recent examples of both oeuvres. He is considered one of the most innovative and exciting figurative artists working in Ireland today. His figures are a veritable tour de force where gestures, movement and volume are revealed with a minimum of brush strokes.
Shawcross sources his still-life subjects from his surroundings, his home, local coffee shops and advertising. When representing a subject as simple as a cup and saucer or a bowl of fruit, he translates the mundane domesticity of this object into a painterly statement invested with character. Objects are demarcated by thick outlines in black or bold colour and the work is characterised by a remarkable control of medium. A noted colourist and technical innovator, his still-lifes exude vitality and demonstrate a freshness of approach to this much loved theme which he has subjected to intense scrutiny over the years. The results are extraordinary. Recent workings of this subject matter have been grid based with fluent images of teacups and saucers, often collaged and in relief, against backgrounds of sumptuous green, yellow and red brushwork. He takes this time-honoured theme and translates it into a succession of infinitely varied and magical modern images.

This current show contains 27 works of varying sizes, all focusing on the universal commonplace Chair. The solitary figure of the Chair is depicted blurred on a wild crimson background, itself an isolated presence in its world. The viewer of such works is left wondering many questions such as who sat here, why did they leave, where did they go, and are they coming back? No one has come back here. Perhaps the Chairs are for the people standing in his portraits. Who knows? The man in an enigma!

The Private View will take place on Monday 7th April from 5.30 – 7.30pm and the exhibition will continue until Wednesday 23rd April 2008.