Liam Belton

Recent Paintings

4 - 24 Sept 2008

Liam Belton RHA will present his fifth one-person exhibition at the Peppercanister Gallery in September 2008. Renowned as a master of the still life, today his name is synonymous with these extraordinarily realistic compositions, rendered in his characteristic cool tones with meticulous attention to texture. His placing and delineation of simple household objects such as eggs, cheese boxes and ceramic pottery is individual and masterly in the traditions of the Italian painter Morandi. This forthcoming exhibition will consist of twelve large still lifes. It will also include a series of twenty eight abstract works in oil on paper – a relatively new departure for the artist, but one which proved very popular in the artist’s previous exhibition at the Gallery. The complete lack of visual associations in these works allows the viewer to contribute their own individual perspective and engage with the works in a purely instinctive way. Paintings such as New York Window strike evocations of the cinematic genre of Film Noir while Ned Kelly’s Profile clearly recalls imagery used by Sir Sidney Nolan in his paintings on the same subject in the 1940’s.

His still lifes are unique in their treatment of subject matter: the egg is ever-present and forms an elemental part of the composition. Another striking aspect is the juxtaposition of ordinary everyday objects with the unusual, for example Ashanti Artefact with Two Vessels, with emphasis placed on the spaces between. Another common thread running through the twelve in this show is the inclusion of one or more of his abstract works within the tableau, which add an extra dimension to the background, for example his Dogon Figure with Abstract.

Liam is now in his prime as a visual artist demonstrating mastery in landscape and figurative compositions as well as in still life and interior arrangements. His approach to his subject matter is minimal, creating the transcendental timeless quality that appeals to so many. His art is cool and singular in the Irish artistic canon and his work is greatly sought after.
Liam’s work is to be found in the following public collections: Allied Irish Banks, Dept of Labour, Office of Public Works, National Self-Portrait Collection, Limerick University, Greyfriars Municipal Art Gallery, Waterford and many other corporate and private collections.
The Private View of this exhibition will take place on Wednesday 3rd September 2008 between 5.30 and 7.30pm and will be officially opened by Dr Abdul Bulbulia.