Conor Walton


8 - 30 November 2013


Peppercanister Gallery is delighted to present its first ever solo exhibition by the remarkable artist Conor Walton. A relatively young painter in his 40’s, Walton has already achieved enormous success and recognition, with his work in many important collections including the Irish Armed Forces, OPW, ESB, UCD, TCD and the National Self-Portrait Collection, University of Limerick. He has just had four recent international solo-exhibitions and has another forthcoming in the USA.

The paintings are complex and intriguing, compelling the viewer to step into their world and decipher their meaning. Often employing classical re-interpretations, they evoke a tension and duality; being both imaginative and forward looking, and embodying ideals of the ancient – looking backwards. Walton describes this tug-of-war as central to his work.

The works in this show include dinosaur skeletons battling toy soldiers, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull juxtaposed with a human one wearing a brightly coloured pink party hat. Playful yet full of psychological intensity, these works are humorous, yet with an ever-present air of danger presiding.

Our transience in this world and our links to ancient times are central themes to Walton’s work. His love of mountaineering and the outdoors reflects his love of nature for its power and possibilities. This exhibition of uniquely accomplished and thought-provoking work acknowledges one of the truly individual artists working in Ireland today.

The exhibition will be formally opened by artist Mick O’Dea RHA.