Breon O'Casey

Recent Paintings and Sculpture

1 - 21 May 2008

Breon O’Casey will present his fifth solo exhibition at the Peppercanister Gallery in May this year. The show will be formally opened on April 30th, to mark the occasion of the artist’s 80th birthday and will feature recent bronzes and paintings.

An artist of many talents, Breon is highly respected as a painter, sculptor, printmaker, jeweller and weaver. However he has been concentrating predominantly on painting and sculpture for the last number of years.

Breon O’Casey’s sensitive observations of his tranquil natural surroundings form the basis of his art, featuring birds, animals, farmyard fowl, leaves, trees and fruits. His distinctive and poetic paintings have an immediate impact combining simplicity of line and form with pure, vibrant colours, marking him out as one of the most exceptional colourists of our time. Nowhere is this more evident that in the stunning Reclining Nude – a semi-abstract figure reminiscent of Henry Moore, rendered in rich red and autumnal tones. He includes two of his superb bird paintings – Farewell and Bird into Blue – simple, elegant forms set against rich backgrounds. The exhibition will also comprise a series of his abstract landscapes, such as the luscious Red Surround, where the deep, earthy tones of the countryside seem to glow in the late evening sun.

His highly personal and individual vision is also apparent in his sculptures – he understands and promotes the expressive power of the simplified shape. Birds feature strongly as a theme, as does the human figure, but he approaches each one in his own unique fashion. Some are quiet and dignified, such as Ean 1, while others are daring and fun, such as Duck, which has an immediately appealing and quirky personality.

Yet one common thread runs through all of Breon’s art – his sincerity of approach, regardless of the medium he chooses to work in.

The Private View will take place from 5.30 – 7.30pm on Wed. 30th April and will continue until Wed. 21st May 2008.