Anne Donnelly

Recent Paintings

7 - 23 May 2009

Anne Donnelly is an Irish artist who has lived in Italy for over forty years. Although based in Italy, Anne has been a regular exhibitor in Ireland, including three successful solo exhibitions at the Peppercanister Gallery. Sun-lit farm yards, galloping horses, swans and sea gulls in flight and delicate female heads are just some of her favourite themes. These hauntingly beautiful heads are partly inspired by her talented four adult daughters, but also undoubtedly by ancient Italian frescoes with their chalky textures and subtle fresco colours. The pared down quality of her work gives way to an evocative lyricism which is ever-present. Her still, silent landscapes, suffused in light, have a timeless quality and are undeniably suggestive of the Mediterranean, for example Village at Andalusia and Zahara de los Atunes. She has regularly painted almond trees in blossom, the olive groves in Tivoli and the cockerels and hens she keeps in their small holding there, drawing constant inspiration from the natural environment which surrounds her. Recently she has produced a number of delightful still lives, featuring arrangements of fruit, flowers and various domestic items in her trademark delicate fashion. She grows steadily more masterly in her art as the latest works testify. She has always painted, but with increasing skill, intensity and range in the last decade.

Anne is a member of DUNA which is part of the International Association of Women Artists. Her works are to be found in the following public collections: The Arts Council of Northern Ireland; AIB Bank Collection, Dublin; Office of Public Works, Ireland; National Self Portrait Collection, University of Limerick; George Moore Famine Collection; Irish Embassy in Rome; Accademia Britannica, Perugia and the Shannon Collection, Boston. Also in private collections in Ireland, Italy, Great Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Switzerland, USA and Australia.

The Private View will take place on Thursday 7th May from 5.30 – 7.30pm and will continue until Wednesday May 27th 2009. The exhibition will be formally opened by Fr Tom Stack. All work will be available for viewing prior to the exhibition opening.