50 Years Of Modern Painting

1 - 24 March 2012

Camille Souter’s 1961 Pale Shapes abstract painting marks the starting point for this collective show featuring 14 leading artists working on the island to varying degrees over the past 50 years, with examples of painting from each consecutive decade right to the present day. The exhibition covers different genres of painting including abstract, figurative, landscape, still life and conceptual. Artists featured include Liam Belton, John Brady, Barrie Cooke, Michelle Dovey, Graham Gingles, Richard Gorman, Albert Irvin, Ciaran Lennon, Sean McSweeney, Makiko Nakamura, Gavin O’Curry, Neil Shawcross, Camille Souter and Andrew Vickery.

From the small intimate Character paintings of Vickery to the very large photo-based canvases of O’Curry, the show is a varied yet cohesive one that promises to engage and examine some very fine exponents of the medium.