20th Century Irish Art

From Mary Swanzy to Camille Souter

12 - 28 Feb 2009

The Peppercanister Gallery is pleased to present a modest selection of carefully chosen works of art by some of the most important Irish artists of the 20th century. It is our view that many of these artists are still under-valued, and under-appreciated. Walter Strickland did invaluable service to Irish Culture in the past with two volumes on older Irish artists and the late Theo Snoddy added to Strickland’s achievement with his memorable biographical follow-up on most Irish artists of the 20th century. However some forgotten significant artists of the recent past such as Francis O’Donoghue, ARHA (1878-1911) slipped through the net, since he died young in a car crash, having studied under Keating and Tuohy and shown great promise.

The recent announcement at the Royal Irish Academy that a team of skilled Irish Art Historians are being sponsored to produce a comprehensive history off Irish Art in four major volumes within the next four years, is very good news, and should eliminate such anomalies. It should also illustrate to international institutions the worth and depth of creativity and imagination in the works of such pioneering Irish artists as Mary Swanzy, Evie Hone, Mainie Jellett, Sarah Purser, Paul Henry, Grace Henry, Stella Steyn, Nano Reid, Phoebe Donovan and more recent practitioners such as Gerard Dillon, Tony O’Malley, Cecil King, Camille Souter and Barrie Cooke. Affordable examples by all of these artists are available for sale in this exhibition.

The directors of the Peppercanister Gallery maintain that these works of art will give pleasure to collectors and increase in value in the years to come, providing an attractive alternative for investors who are currently suffering the rollercoaster ravages of the international stock exchanges. Good works of art keep their intrinsic qualities and offer dual advantages of life enhancement and the prospect of financial appreciation in a time of economic turbulence and financial instability.