Abigail O'Brien

b. 1957,  Dublin

Abigail O’Brien is one of Ireland’s most stellar artists. Born in Dublin in 1957, Abigail graduated from The National College of Art and Design, Dublin with a BA Fine Art Painting in 1995 and an MA Fine Art Painting in 1998. Her determined projects have received acknowledgement and appreciation across Europe and America. This success is reflected in the various awards won by Abigail as well as her representation in a variety of public and private collections. Abigail’s work can be found in the collections of IMMA, The European Central Bank and Goldman Sachs and she has shown at Haus der Kunst in Munich and Centro Nacionales de las Artes in Mexico, among many others.

Using a range of media including photography, embroidery, video and sound, O’Brien explores themes of domesticity, the habitual nature of everyday life and rites of passage. One of her foremost bodies of work to date is the series entitled The Seven Sacraments, which consists of six individual works, each again made up of several parts and incorporating sculpture, photography and video. First exhibited in 2004 at the Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany The Seven Sacraments examines the shifting iconography of religion as well as the female figure in contemporary art. The work succeeds in a critical and intricate questioning of the purpose and significance of the Christian Sacraments.

It was as part of STILL, a group exhibition of photographic work held in September of 2011, that Abigail first exhibited with the Peppercanister. Her inaugural solo show with the gallery took place in October of 2012. Entitled Airfix Days, this snapshot in time captured the childhood memories of two men through their innate bond over play. One a German the other a Finn, their turbulent ancestral history was forgotten as both played together, enjoying the nostalgia brought about by the crudely finished fuselages.

Abigail continues to live and work in Ireland